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Grammar Schools

What are Grammar Schools?


State grammar Schools are free secondary schools and are located in 36 local authorities. Since 1965 most of them have been absorbed into the comprehension system. Students are selected through standardised entrance examinations based on academic ability. They are held in September every year for 10/11-year-olds, in theory, Year 6 pupils. Parents can apply to as many as they like however they can only enter one application per school.


Parents hope to send their children to these schools as they teach the traditional classical English and the schools have very high standards of teaching. The philosophy is also based on children being taught amongst peers of the same level due to the selective process. Subsequently, children can learn together at the same pace and at more challenging levels to enhance their learning. A structure that would be near impossible in state comprehension schools.


Ideally, many parents would prefer to send their children Independent secondary Schools due to their high academic results. However, sometimes funding this is a struggle. State grammar schools have high academic results and are the next best option to Independent schools in many cases.


Up until the 19th Century, Grammar schools were only private schools and very expensive. Since then there are now state Grammar schools and the number of applicants continue to increase. 


Eleven Plus Preparation Course (EPPC)

Preparation for the Entrance Exams


The examinations are hard to predict this is to make the selection fair. Students have only one chance to pass the exams with the relevant percentage mark. Generally tests are based on Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning. Entry requirements vary for different schools. Therefore, we try to prepare students well enough enabling them to apply to more than one grammar school. Many of our students have also been able to have entered for other Independent/public schools.


We are professional and qualified. Unlike many other tuition services, we plan and prepare our lessons. We have a pedagogy to teaching, learning, motivating and success.


We enjoy our profession and are enthusiastic teachers driven to see our children progress. We have always had excellent feedback and due to demand have had to expand our classes. Our classes are never more than 10 students, as we like to spend more time teaching the children the relevant knowledge, skills and understanding


Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to advise and help direct you.


The courses we offer to prepare our students are:

  • EPPC Year 3
  • EPPC Year 4
  • EPPC Year 5


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We will accept late arrivals. This is permitted should a place become available.


Other Lessons


What else do we offer?


We do offer one to one sessions if we have time. As we frequently become fully booked. Therefore, we do offer smaller classes if the ability and the focus is the same.


Grammar School Appeals

Making an Appeal


Unfortunately, not all children meet the requirements due to their performance on the day of the exam. There may be many factors that contribute to this. Therefore, parents sometimes wish to make an appeal against the decision made by a grammar, independent or public school. 


We can help you through this process. We will support you as best as we can, offering advice and direction. We can assist you with letters and any relevant application process. 

Your Teachers

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