11 Plus Preparation Course is today’s Booster Classes

“A Goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.” – Bruce Lee

The 11 plus preparation course we offer is being used by many parents as a booster class to accelerate their child’s learning and to allow parents to get involved without necessarily ever sitting the actual 11+ test. You might know that your child is not ready for the 11 plus test, however, with the right support, this is a great opportunity to enhance our child’s overall learning and confidence.

In the past, the 11 Plus tests were deemed unfair and only an option for those fortunate enough to be able to afford tuition for the tests being sat. In order to compensate for this trend the CEM Durham University test was introduced which is considered to be ‘fair for all’ the new testing process was updated and has now been heavily linked with the National Curriculum, where the focus has been more on Numerical Reasoning, Comprehension and English/Verbal Reasoning based.

We have found that those Year 5 children who have prepared for the 11 plus preparation course, regardless of whether getting a place at a chosen grammar school or not, do significantly better with their Year 6 SATs compared to those children who have not, furthermore the majority of secondary schools are now setting the Cognitive Ability Test (CAT) in Year 7 which involves many of the exam style questions seen in the 11 plus preparation course that Your Teachers cover.

Our experience has also led us to believe that students who go on to secondary with the 11 Plus preparation experience have an improved attitude towards learning and are more determined to succeed. “We tell all our students that they are all winners, not every child is preparing for the 11 Plus Tests. The fact that they are working hard right now – should be applauded.” In the past, teachers would offer booster classes for students during lunch breaks, it moved on to other such interventions. Today, the 11 Plus Preparation can be used to enhance a child’s overall learning.

“Having an aim is the key for achieving your best” – Henry J. Kaiser

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