Let them Glow

“Your children plan their own education, like it or not. You must learn to cooperate with that plan”
(The Parent’s Tao Te Ching by W Martin 1999)

As a new parent, I look at my baby as she explores and learns about her new world. I watch her getting frustrated with herself and squirming when she can’t pick up a toy. My knee-jerk reaction is to pick her up or pass her a toy, and admittedly, I have done this on numerous occasions. As I pass her the toy and she gives me her beautiful smile, I realise I’ve made a mistake!

I am also an Early Years teacher and my job is to teach independence by way of encouraging children to enquire and investigate the world around them.

In the above example, I have capped my baby’s learning; I haven’t allowed her to investigate or push her boundaries.

At the moment I am her anchor; she sails away but I am still here to guide her and support her when she needs me, yet as she grows the rope will loosen and I will watch her sail away.

Her education is her own. I will be there to aid and guide her learning and will encourage her to try all subjects, arts, crafts, and sports. Ultimately, it will be her journey… she’ll find her own way and sparkle.

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