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Parenting seems to have changed, we all gasp! “It was never like this when I was younger…” I’ve heard this so often.  Through discussions with many parents, I have compiled a list of ideas that could possibly help.

It is important to communicate with other parents to help bounce ideas from ideas. Parenting is hard, it’s up to parents to be creative and bold to try different things. Most importantly, you must never give up! You will reap the rewards later. It was never supposed to be easy. Our children need love, patience, and encouragement – the hard work will be worth it.

Tips for parents:

  • RESPONSIBILITIES Create opportunities to praise your children. For example, give them house chores to help the family. Giving them a responsibility that they can master. For example; making lunches, recycling the rubbish, and clear
  • HOBBIES look for an area they will enjoy and can develop. For exams; a musical instrument, art, and craft. The arts are a good way for children to express themselves and develop mindfulness.
  • TIME TABLE has something everyone can follow. Homework, clubs, privileges, weekly events, responsibilities, etc
  • HOUSE RULES update them on a regular basis. Talk to each other about what needs adjusting and why.
  • PRIVILEGES can be the rewards.  For example, stay up for a little longer if they are the older sibling. Choose the movie for movie night, choose their favorite meal for Wednesday’s dinner, etc.
  • PARENTING CLASSES, there are many available. Top up with ideas by attending your nearest one. Parenting has changed. It might be the right time now.
  • COMMUNICATION be aware of your conversation ms with your children. Talk to them directly about your day, how you felt how you overcame situations. You will be a model for them. This will hopefully encourage them to talk to you about their emotions. This is very important.
  • NUTRITIONAL FOOD- this is a big must. Add lots of healthy oils to your meals from nuts, oils, etc. There is a range available from all good food stores. This will help with the neurological system.
  • EXERCISE- try to involve them in a healthy sport that is manageable.

Good luck!

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