About Us


Dear Parents,

As fully qualified and professional teachers, with over twenty years experience, we know and understand the pressure teachers are under in schools. It can be difficult to provide each individual child with the attention they would benefit from. As hard as teachers try, time to spend with parents to provide them with additional resources and to show them how they can help their child at home, is challenging. As parents we see things from a different perspective.

And that’s how and why ‘Your Teachers’ was created. We aim to support the education system to help your child to achieve their best.

Best wishes,

Nelima Moran


Mrs Nelima Moran

Education Director

Lead Teacher, BA (Hons), PGCE, QTS

Teaching Environment

We pride ourselves on developing each child’s self-confidence and enthusiasm for learning. As having positive attitudes toward new experiences and challenges is key to success with all future learning.

  • Classrooms: fun interactive environment; fully resourced and equipped with whiteboards and digital facilities to share documents online and observe videos during lessons.
  • Homely environment: facilities for the sole use of Your Teachers and students, interactive displays, library, plants, art and crafts equipment
  • Garden facilities: during the summer we can hold lessons outside, access to a trampoline.
  • Assistants: when necessary, we have classroom assistants in the classroom.

Measurement with Year 2

Year 6 collect data with
Garden games.

Friendly classrooms.
Your Teachers’ Pets

Pets: many children do not have pets and so this is a nice way for children to observe or, if permitted, to come in close contact with our calming animals. We have two Labrador retriever dogs: Chewbacca and Solo; an extremely friendly tabby cat: Felix and two rabbits, Bowie and Ziggy who have a run and living quarters under the trampoline!



Ziggy and Bowie