Health and Safety Policies

1. We teach in a safe environment to ensure the wellbeing of our staff, students and parents. We urge staff, parents and students to behave and communicate in an appropriate manor as we have zero tolerance to ill behaviour and communication that can hinder our learning and that can have an impact on the overall wellbeing of those around us.

2. We will respect the property and people around us.

3. Unsuitable behaviour from parents and students will result in termination of a placement. Consequently, payment will be non-refundable.

4. Your child will have an Initial assessment. The assessment is two hours long. We assess English and Maths. Unfortunately, we have limited places. We will advise you accordingly to the results. After the consultation of aftercare we will jointly decide the right programme for your child.

5. 1,2 or 3 Hourly lessons taught weekly by experienced and qualified teachers. Lessons will be taught during term time.

6. Additional Booster sessions will be offered to those who require extra support at an additional cost during holidays.

7. One to one classes are offered at a higher rate.

8. Fun interactive lessons, to raise confidence.

9. We will teach your child with a structured prepared lessons.

10. We provide the resources, homework, vocabulary books and exercise books.

11. Purposeful homework will be provided and are expected to be marked by students and parents.

12. Parents are able to discuss their pupil’s progress with flexible contact. Eg. During visiting times, letters, email, text message or phone call)

13. We recognise the importance of a good communication link with parents and children. This is fundamental and is crucial for us to maintain for our students to succeed.

14. Our success is measured through our jointly efforts, therefore we work hard to give the best support to your child.

15. We deliver a high standard of education subsequently our expectations are equally high. We expect all 100% effort to guarantee progress.

16. We have the right to change the programme of course. This is because there are many factors that the National Curriculum, GCSE, A levels, 11 plus or other examinations are measured on.

17. The four main areas for 11 Plus are: Verbal reasoning, Non-verbal reasoning (Pictorial), Numerical Reasoning (Maths), and English

18. The amalgamation of the tests vary from different schools and consortiums. Hence, we have the right to change the content, structure and pay at any convenient time to benefit the success rate for our students.

19. We accept payment in FULL or 2 or 3 instalments a term.

20. Payments should be made in advance, we will negotiate a date.

21. Send a text message to confirm any payment made.

22. Failure to pay by set date will mean your child we be removed from the course.

23. We cannot guarantee availability and remittance as we have others on the waiting list who places are offered to as soon as they become available.

24. Please let us know if payments will be delayed at the earliest opportunity.

25. Once your child starts attending the course payment is non-refundable.

26. Payment of Initial Assessment is non-refundable if completed.

27. To terminate the contract please give us one months’ notice.

28. If you terminate your contract it is our discretion to re-enroll you, registration and assessment will have to be reissued.

29. Any complaints should be discussed in a meeting or in writing. We will do our upmost to keep you and your child happy. We are here to support and guide you. Please feel free to contact us with any of your concerns.

30. Under no conditions are our resources to be shared or photocopied or shared with others in any technological or through any form of media. Should we hear of any exchanging or sharing of our materials we will terminate your child’s placement from the course.

31. To terminate your contract please notify us 4 weeks in advance.

32. It will be parents and guardians responsibility read and complete the registration form before you start. This will consist of emergency numbers, health and safety concerns, permission to us to offer food and drink, make use of the garden, trampoline, come in contact with animals and to allow photos and videos for the use of the students and Your Teachers teaching and trading purposes.

33. Your Teachers is the trading name for Skills for life Education and Training Consultancy LTD