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Kung Fu Panda, my hero!

When I first started contemplated teaching yoga to children, I was perplexed as to how to “spiritually” engage children into the ethos of yoga and its application in life.

It was when I watched Kung Fu Panda that I thought ‘Eureka!’. Po was an inspiring role model who practiced yoga and did not preach.

I watched all three parts; one after the other, marveling at this deep children’s movie. I took to teaching what I think is the main message of the movie and what I believe children should take away from my classes:

 There is no greater power than the power in believing in yourself and that superheroes and super qualities are made from self effort and practice… A belief that a true warrior never quits; that the values of perseverance, hard work is everything and that there is no short cut, no secret ingredient to success.

If I could get only a slither of this wisdom to seep through into my game-oriented classes that combine with meditation and breathing, I would feel a great sense of satisfaction.

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