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Our Mission

“Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don’t just give up”

Prof. Stephen Hawking

That’s me on the left, a mother of three children, and married to an inspirational teacher. As both, teachers and parents we know what parents desire; we want our children to be resilient, to be brave enough to explore, to be independent learners and free to grow from strength to strength. To be successful, we need them to have the right attitude towards education. It’s the right aptitude and flare for learning that will ultimately help them to become successful adults.

As fully qualified and professional teachers, with over fifteen years’ experience, we know and understand the pressure teachers are under in schools. It can be difficult to provide each individual child with the attention each child needs and would benefit from. As hard as we try, we don’t have enough time to spend with parents to provide them with additional resources and to show them how they can help their child at home. As parents we are able to also see things from a different perspective.

And that’s how and why ‘Your Teachers’ was created. We empathise with parents, and we also know the education system. We are passionate and experienced teachers and we care about your child – as a professional practitioner should. As teachers, we advise parents to seek additional support from other qualified teachers, specialist teachers. It is a specialised skill and with experience it will only enhance your child’s learning.

There are many tuition companies available today. You might be offered a ‘coaching’ style service that is taught by individuals who have no qualifications to teach. Some companies simply sit your child in front of a computer, some are given ‘parrot-fashion’ repetitive work, and some are led by university students or college students.  Unfortunately, your child becomes just like another item on a conveyor belt in a factory.

Your Teachers plan meticulously for each child. We are up to date with the National Curriculum and our plans are thorough and detailed. Children are taught the same content as they would be at school and therefore, children grow in confidence.

We provide support for both children and parents and we continue to receive positive praise and gratitude from our parents. Our experience ranges from Early Years to ‘A’ level and beyond.

We have extensive experience of working with children with Special Educational Needs, having previously worked as a Special Needs Co-Ordinator in an outstanding OFSTED school. The provision for those with special needs, be it autism or learning difficulties is a passion of ours and we work with parents and specialist educational care providers to offer an individualised scheme of work that best suits each individual child’s needs.

We are also specialist in teaching the gifted and talented, offering work that stretches and extends learning to provide a more enriching educational programme. One of the failures of schools is the lack of provision for the gifted and talented and we prize ourselves on being able to adapt learning to benefit those striving for more challenging work.

We know what the academic journey entails. We have a fantastic rapport with the children and we aim to give your children the tools and the confidence take responsibility of their own learning.



Mrs Nelima Moran


Education Director

Lead Teacher, BA (Hons), PGCE, QTS


Your Teachers

Achieve outstanding results through qualified and experienced teachers.