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Secondary School Key Stage 3

Our four principles of tuition at Your Teachers are:

  • Knowledge 
  • Skills
  • Understanding
  • Confidence


In years 7, 8 and 9 we teach and support the many subjects that are offered at school. Students needs vary, however, most of the time they need motivational and encouragement during these years to help them to progress further at GCSE level.


We focus on relevant topics and cover all aspects of revision and study skills. 


Our programme includes:

  • Individualised planning for each student
  • Resources, exercise books, text books worksheets
  • Access to ICT equipment
  • Regular homework
  • Feedback
  • Assessment
  • Holiday homework


Our prices can vary as your requirements vary. Such as; homework support, coursework support, study skills, guided reading etc. Some parents feel their child needs general help academically rather than focusing on one subject. Therefore, please call us to discuss your needs.


 Specialist Maths, English, Science, and Humanities Teachers are available.

Your Teachers

Achieve outstanding results through qualified and experienced teachers.